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What are the Most Used Garden Tools?

Starting your own garden? If you’re new to the art of gardening, you might not know that it takes quite a bit of time to research plants and how to grow them. Once you’ve decided, what happens next? Tools and accessories, for sure! Before you head out under the sun, take the time to dig up some of the most used garden tools.

Although you would only truly need soil, seeds, water, and a good amount of sunlight to start your garden, making sure that everything is going (and growing!) well, it takes a lot of hard work. Gardening tools are designed to help you out! From digging, pruning, and watering up to weeding, the right tools can make these tasks easier for you.

Overwhelmed with the number of gardening tools you find online? Don’t let that stop you! To get you started, here are 7 must-have garden tools to add to your shopping cart:

Garden Tools - Garden Gloves - Most used garden tools

1. Gardening Gloves

Gloves are usually overlooked when it comes to shopping for garden tools, but gardening gloves are one of the most important items in the tool shed. These are your primary defence against thorns, splinters, scrapes, and infections. Keeping your hands protected during gardening is essential to avoid rashes or allergic reactions. Aside from turning your green thumb an itchy or sore red, a bad reaction would make it difficult for you to use your hands even outside your garden.

Choosing the Right Gloves

Two of the most important qualities to look for when choosing your gardening gloves are material and fit. The fabric of your gloves should be resistant to water and dirt since you’ll be dealing with quite a few messy tasks. It should be durable but breathable because you’d be wearing them almost the entire time you’re working on your garden, so definitely keep comfort in mind when choosing gloves. It’s also really important that the gloves you choose fit well, especially on your wrist and fingers. A glove that easily slips off is an accident waiting to happen.

The Burgon & Ball Love the Glove is a fantastic example of durable, comfortable, and hard-wearing garden gloves. The padded palms give extra protection while the two-way stretch mesh can keep your fingers cool and easy to move.

Burgon Ball slate coloured waterall watering can on resting on a paver in the garden


2. Garden Watering Can

Water is life for your garden. Plants can’t grow or survive without water so having a trusty watering can is essential to keep your garden alive. Some people prefer using hoses or having an irrigation system installed. This might be your choice, especially for bigger gardens or yards. However, we believe that a humble watering can do so much more.

Advantages of Using a Watering Can

  1. The amount of water given to each plant is tailored to just what they need
  2. No water is wasted
  3. Reduces the risk of fungal disease by keeping foliage dry
  4. Simple and reliable
  5. Gives time for you to check your plants for issues in a timely manner

It’s best to have watering cans designated for indoor and outdoor use. This Ryset Indoor Watering Can is the perfect size for indoor plants. The narrow spout and high handle are perfect for watering hanging plants and pots on high shelves. On the other hand, the Burgon and Ball Waterfall 5L Watering Can is easy to fill and pour for bigger jobs outdoors.

Garden Tools - Pruning Garden Shears - most used garden tools

3. Pruning Or Garden Shears

One of the biggest keys when it comes to growing a lush and healthy garden is pruning. Shears can be used to harvest herbs, fruits, and vegetables. But they’re more often used for cutting jobs to encourage stronger growth and healthier plants. Pruning shears are heaven-sent when it comes to preparing for an upcoming season. That’s not even all of it! Shears can be used for trimming and keeping your plant free from damaged branches. With all its functions for your garden, pruning shears is definitely a tool you would not want to forget to add to your cart.

If you’re unsure on whether or not a pair of garden shears can cut it (get it?), know that there is a wide variety of pruning equipment available for different garden needs. From hand shears or secateurs to heavy-duty loppers, you surely have your fair share of choices.

Garden Tools - Garden Spade - most used garden tools

4. Garden Spade

Although hand trowels and digging shovels are well-known tools themselves, a garden spade is one of the most important tools when it comes to digging. They are especially useful in garden beds since they are designed to be used in tight spaces. The shape of the blade is perfect for digging, transporting dirt, and transplanting your plants. Garden spades are even fantastic for removing weeds with deep root systems. Through thick or thin, your spade will definitely help in taking care of your garden.

What To Look For In Garden Spades:

  • Ergonomically designed handles that absorb shock
  • Treads on top of the blade
  • Longer handles for more leverage
  • Stainless steel head that is strong and resistant to rust

We recommend the top of the line Burgon & Ball National Trust Digging Spade. With a breaking strain of 100kg, the hardwood handle is designed to absorb and distribute shock effectively, connected to an impressive high-carbon steel head.

Garden Tools - Garden Hoe

5. Garden Hoe

Of course, we wouldn’t forget our trusty garden hoe in our gardening essentials. Garden hoes are used to penetrate and displace the earth, making groundbreaking a whole lot easier. Aside from being perfect for preparing your garden before planting, it can also easily chop through unwanted growth in garden beds.

Keep in mind that if you have a vegetable garden with large areas of dirt, a wider hoe is recommended. On the other hand, flower gardens require a more delicate blade of a smaller size. You can opt to get a variety of sizes of hoes for different projects you’ll work on in your garden.

Garden Tools - Garden Rake

6. Garden Rake

A good ol’ rake is a must when it comes to clearing leaves and debris in your garden. Although that is the primary use, it also gets pretty handy for spreading mulch or compost and levelling garden soil. You might be tempted to get a hand rake since it’s easier to clean and store, especially if you don’t have a particularly large garden. However, standard leaf rakes are much more practical and a great starter.

As a budding gardener, your best go would be to purchase a multipurpose rake that can tick multiple boxes in your task list. Check out the wide variety of rakes to choose from here!

Garden Tools - Hand Weeder

7. Hand Weeder

Weeding is no easy task, but someone has to do it. Weeds are a major nuisance when it comes to gardening. Fortunately, weeders make the job a bit easier. Hand weeders are simple to use and highly effective! What we love about them is that you wouldn’t have to rely on chemicals to do the job.

A hand weeder is a very simple, short gardening tool with a forked metal end and a short grip that helps remove the weeds from the ground. If you’re on the lookout for an effective handheld weeder, this Burgon & Ball Sophie Conran Weeder is a unique three-pronged weeder made with a Waxed FSC Beechwood handle, brass ferrule and stainless steelhead.

With the right tools, gardening can be made easier and a lot more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a garden starting kit or more advanced tools, don’t settle for anything less than Quality Garden Supplies! We’ve got a wide range of options for every garden need. Shop our products today!