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Most gardener’s prized possession will be their trusty secateurs. These handy tools come in all different shapes and sizes and are an invaluable addition to your tool bag. With so many options and types, it can be pretty difficult to know exactly what you need. So, which secateurs do what, and which ones do you need? 

Bypass Secateurs:

Bypass secateurs are the most common form around, and they work kind of like scissors, where two blades pass by each other. Bypass secateurs are great for cutting thicker branches or stems, and usually have a cutting capacity of up to 28mm. When used correctly, bypass secateurs will do no damage to the plant, so are perfect for cutting off any infected area on the plant. 

Burgon & Ball have a great range of Bypass secateurs, featuring a pair in their Sophie Conran collection, and in their British Meadow collections. The Sophie Conran secateurs are a gorgeous handcrafted addition to a tool bag and feature a sleek aluminium finish. 

Corona Tools have the best pair of secateurs for tough plants and large gardens, the Rolling Handle bypass secateurs are the best secateurs to use.  The rolling handle reduces the cutting effort, hand fatigue and blisters!

Our top pick for secateurs would be Wolf-Garten’s Bypass Secateurs Premium Plus RR4000. These guys are designed to last a lifetime, featuring an ergonomic two-component handle with soft rubber insert for a firm grip while cutting. Wolf-Garten use the highest grade steel, timber and handle materials, so you know the tools are built to last!

Anvil Secateurs:

$54.00 $45.90Add to cart

Anvil secateurs work similar to a knife, where the blade meets the opposite end, and doesn’t bypass like scissors do. Anvil secateurs are great for deadheading and precision pruning. Although not as common as bypass secateurs, anvil’s are great for the precision work. 

Wolf-Garten takes out our top pick here. Wolf-Garten’s Straight Anvil Secateurs simple locking mechanism which allows the user to secure and engage blade operations using one hand only. The blade position ensures the perfect slicing action and the lightweight alloy construction for durability and quality workmanship.  These secateurs are surprisingly lightweight and even suitable for smaller hands.

Precision Secateurs:

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Precision secateurs are perfect for all your topiary and targeted cutting needs. These secateurs are perfect for any floristry work, and will neatly and precisely make any cut necessary.

Burgon & Ball’s Sophie Conran collection feature an awesome pair of Precision Secateurs. The handle, head and blade are crafted from a single piece of stainless steel, giving both strength and rust resistance.

Ratchet Pruners:

Ratchet pruner’s are perfect for pruning the hardest and thickest stems, that bypass and anvil secateurs aren’t quite able to get through. Ratchet pruners are great for cutting old or dead wood, however not suitable for green wood or stems as the anvil action can cause crushing on softer growth.

Our top pick is Burgon & Ball’s Ratchet Pruners.

How to pick the right size secateurs?

The most common advice when buying secateurs is to try them in your hand to see how they feel. This is great if you’re in a store, when you’re purchasing online, it’s a different story. To help you choosing the right pair of secateurs, we have this handy guide displaying the best secateurs to fit your hand size:

Secateur pruner hand size fitting guide small hands

Secateurs for small hands:

Width – less than 8.25 cm / 3 ¼ inch
Height – less than 15.5 cm / 6 ¼ inch
Select a 15mm / ½ inch capacity pruner

Our top pick is Burgon & Ball Pocket Pruner

Medium hands: Width - less than 8.25 to 10 cm / 3 ½ to 4 inch Height - 15.5 to 20 cm / 6 ½ to 8 inch Select a 20 mm / ¾ inch capacity pruner

Secateurs for medium hands

Width – less than 8.25 to 10 cm / 3 ½ to 4 inch
Height – 15.5 to 20 cm / 6 ½ to 8 inch
Select a 20 mm / ¾ inch capacity pruner

Our top pick is Wolf-Garten Comfort Plus RR2500 Bypass Secateurs

Width - more than 10 cm / 4 inch Height - more than 20 cm / 8 inch Select a 25mm / 1 inch capacity pruner

Secateurs for large hands:

Width – more than 10 cm / 4 inch
Height – more than 20 cm / 8 inch
Select a 25mm / 1 inch capacity pruner

Our top pick is Wolf-Garten Professional Bypass Secateurs RR5000 for cutting live plants and Wolf-Garten Professional Anvil Secateurs RS5000 for cutting through hardwood.

With a pair of secateurs in your tool bag, there’s no plant that can’t be pruned correctly! Get into the garden, and don’t forget to show us your tools in action!