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Did you know there are benefits of indoor plants? Indoor plants have become increasingly popular in the past few years, and for good reason! The benefits are endless, and in a time when we’re spending more time indoors, bringing the outside in is super important.

Benefits Of Indoor Plants

The benefits of indoor gardening really are endless. Check out these cool facts on the benefits of indoor gardening:

  • They remove air pollution and allergens. By removing volatile compounds, like carbon dioxide, indoor plants help to purify the air through photosynthesis. This is done by capturing the light and absorbing all the negative gasses.
  • Stress reduction. Studies have shown that human responses to vegetation and landscapes revealed that viewing nature opposed to urban scenes, has a more positive influence on emotional and physiological states. Even just looking at plants can reduce stress levels.
  • Productivity boost. Trying to keep a plant healthy and happy is a task that requires attention. Your brain is also more relaxed when in close proximity to plants, and you’re able to think and communicate more easily.
  • Natural Ambiance. A home with plants creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere with the natural charm of indoor plants, making your home or office cozier. Not only that, but they create a brighter-looking space.

A plant for every gardener

There are a plethora of indoor plants for all types of gardeners, whether you’re a certified green thumb or a plant killer. With so many out there, it’s hard to know where to start, so here’s a quick guide to some of our favourites:

  • Snake Plant: you’ve definitely seen this one before, the snake plant is a gorgeous plant that is super low maintenance, meaning those new to the plant parent life can feel confident in their snake plant.
  • Fruit Salad Plant (monstera deliciosa): another classic! These guys are eye-catching and easy to care for. They add a leafy pop to any room.
  • Peace Lily: a leafy green beauty, the peace lily is better suited to the experienced plant parent. Needing a bit more attention than the others mentioned, this dude will delight with beautiful white flowers in Springtime.

Remember to take good care of your indoor plants, and keep a keen eye on their movements to understand what they’re telling you. Whether you’re a seasoned indoor gardener or just starting your green journey, there are a wide range of tools and essentials to support you every snip of the way, from indoor pots and watering cans to fertilisers and snips.



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