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Burgon & Ball’s garden supplies heritage goes all the way back to 1730, when they first began manufacturing agricultural shears in Sheffield, known as the Steel City due to its skills in knives and steel.  From the inaugural steel sheep shears, Burgon & Ball began manufacturing high quality garden tools and accessories.  By 1897, the company was exporting their products around the globe.  With that much history, Burgon & Ball know a thing or two about getting the best out of material and how to make good quality steel products!

Who are Burgon & Ball?

Burgon & Ball was heavily involved in the manufacturing of agricultural shears using cast steel instead of the traditional iron blades.  After 130 years in business, the annual production for the shears was 300,000 pairs.  The company still produces garden hand shears based on the original design from 1730!

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Burgon and Ball went on to make garden tools and by 1920, the company saw the production of their garden shears and equipment outperform that of their sheep shears.  After many years of  being the top garden tool manufacturer in the UK, Burgon & Ball tools and garden equipment are now officially endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, one of the highest accolades in the gardening industry. 

Where are Burgon & Ball tools made?

Since 1730, Burgon & Ball are the UK’s oldest creator of garden tools and accessories, and still produce high quality steel tools in Sheffield, UK.  Burgon & Ball still design and manufacture their tools in Sheffield.  

Having worked with steel for over 200 years, Burgon & Ball add carbon to strengthen the steel and add chromium to resist rust.  The steel is heated to the right temperature to give the right amount of toughness for each tool’s job.  Too hard and the metal may snap or chip; not hard enough and it will bend or lose its edge. Tools are tested using the Rockwell scale to measure hardness by firing a diamond penetrator into the steel and calculating the indentation.  The steel is ground and polished to prevent any corrosion.

Rigorous testing gives complete peace of mind; every batch of tools is tested against the British Standard, which determines the weight the tools must be able to withstand without permanent deformation.

A Guide to Burgon & Ball Tools

RHS Endorsed Tools: 

Burgon & Ball tools are the only garden tools to be endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, one of the world’s highly regarded horticultural organisations and the UK’s leading gardening charity.  This collection of tools encompass hand, mid-handled and large tools, as well as a full range of cutting tools. There is everything you can possibly need for the garden in this collection – and that includes a stylish tool rack to keep your tools in order!

RHS Floral Collection:

Working with the Royal Horticultural Society, the Floral Collection are not just a pretty face, these collections are high quality Burgon & Ball products  There are three designs to choose from: “Flora and Fauna”, which features Chinese watercolours and hand coloured engravings of dainty songbirds and delicate foliage, dating from 1819-1912; ‘British Bloom’, a bold design of on-trend dahlias and peonies including early 19C botanical illustrations and watercolours dating back to the 1630s; and the new ‘British Meadow’ collection, which showcases delicate meadow flowers and butterflies, reflecting today’s more informal gardens.

So whether you’re treating yourself, or buying for a loved one, you will enjoy checking out this high quality RHS Floral Collection.

Sophie Conran:

This collection of tools, gardening accessories, homeware and gifts is the result of our long-term association with Sophie Conran – designer, gardener, cook, mother and entrepreneur.

The only daughter in the well-known Conran British design dynasty, Sophie has been working with Burgon & Ball since 2010, collaborating on products that have won numerous awards and enjoy a near-cult following among keen gardeners.

In the Sophie Conran collection there are gorgeous gardening gifts in Sophie’s signature colours: lovely hardwearing gloves; and practical-but-pretty herb pots to bring a touch of designer style to your kitchen.

This is where you’ll also find the beautiful Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball garden tools has been designed to be slightly smaller and lighter than most, and enjoys a near-cult following among keen gardeners.

The Burgon & Ball Guarantee

Burgon & Ball products are covered by at least a one-year guarantee against manufacturing defects,  also check the logos on the product packaging and our website for items that carry a longer guarantee.  The guarantees are 5 years, 10 years and lifetime (qualified as 75 years).

Very occasionally, there may be structural failings caused by errors in manufacturing or defects in materials that can cause a product to fail. If the fault occurs within the first 12 months please contact us on 1300 206 459 or to arrange to return the product for a replacement or refund.

Under this guarantee we cannot cover normal wear, lost or stripped parts, or any product which has been modified. We also cannot cover product damage due to misuse. i.e. using a tool in a manner for which it was not designed, or where the tool has not been adequately cared for e.g. Keeping a tool outside rather than in a dry environment. This guarantee also excludes cosmetic changes in appearance due to wear and tear.

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