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Composting for Beginners

Never underestimate the power of composting!  Clean Up Australia has estimated that we waste a staggering 298kg of food per person per year in Australia!  That gives Australia the award of being the fourth highest food-wasting country in the world.  Not great is it?

Composting doesn’t have to be expensive and is a quick and easy way to help the environment. 

Within the many amazing benefits it has, composting reduces household waste, improves your soil quality, enriches it, and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. Moreover, it is packed with nutrients that your soil will love. Also, it doesn’t cost anything, it’s convenient, and it encourages you to eat and grow more veggies!

Here at Quality Garden Supplies, we prepared a quick and easy guide for first-time composters.

Purchase a compost bin

The first important thing to do in order to start composting is to pick the right spot in your garden for your composting bin. A shady place so the sun won’t dry the moisture out of the compost is crucial. If your backyard is big enough, you can opt for a compost pile. If not, we suggest a static bin.

Start saving your compost material – there are two types you need

There are two macro-categories of materials you can put in the compost bin, green and brown. 

  • Brown. This includes paper, cardboard, dry leaves, non-treated sawdust. 
  • Green matter, this includes just about any kind of fruit and veggie scraps, eggshells, tea leaves, coffee grounds.

Start with creating the base with two layers of brown materials, this creates drainage and air circulation for the compost.

Create the next layer with green materials.  You should alternate the materials in layers (dry and moist layers) for an optimal result.

Add manure and keep moist, if it doesn’t rain enough give it occasional water, and keep covered. Also, once in a while, give it a turn so it will increase the oxygen levels. Mixing or turning the compost pile is essential to aerating the materials and speeding up the process.

Composting for begginers.

Wait for the compost to brew

Compost can take up to a couple of months before it is ready to use in your garden.  To test when it is ready, it will be brown and crumbly in texture.

Check our composting collection. We have everything you’d need, from bins to tools!

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