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Eco Friendly Changes To Implement in your home

woman repotting and red flowered plant into a plant pot in a sunny garden

As time goes on, it becomes more and more important to develop an environmentally friendly conscious lifestyle if we want to preserve our beautiful planet.  Choosing to live an eco-friendly lifestyle not only benefits the environment, but also has numerous personal benefits.  From saving money on energy bills to improving air quality and reducing waste, going green is a win-win for everyone.  They say change only happens on a large scale, but we prefer to think that no change is too small, and that there are some little things we can do to help our environment preserve its current state.

Let’s focus on what we can change and what we can do!

1. Grow your own veggies

Growing your own food has so many benefits! Not only is it a great way to save money, but it’s also a wonderful way to connect with nature and get some exercise. Plus, you know exactly where your food is coming from and can ensure that it’s fresh and free of harmful chemicals.

Use natural materials that will reduce maintenance requirements such as water usage and weeding. Apply an all-natural mulch cover on vegetable patches and flower beds that will help retain water and prevent pesky weeds from popping up.

When it comes to the actual planting, you can go that extra mile with plastic-free hand held and long handled planting tools that are kinder to the environment.

What are you waiting for? Check out our seeds and propagation products for a great introduction to growing your own.

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Going completely ‘zero waste’ in a world filled with plastic packaging, single-use plastic, plastic bags, and about any version of this material you can think of, is definitely no easy task. It is virtually impossible to avoid it all – unless you decide to live as a hermit on the top of a mountain!  

There are some tricks here and there to reduce, reuse and recycle  substantially. Reduce what you buy – ask yourself if you really need to buy that new toy.  Reuse what you already have where you can, and make sure that anything that has to be thrown away is properly recycled where possible.  Why not try researching what brands in your life try to produce as little waste as possible, just like we do! 

We only use eco-friendly suppliers and use second-hand and recyclable packaging in our deliveries.

3. Make your own meals

Possibly with your own veggies! Limiting your take away orders and pre-packaged meals will save the planet so much waste.  Aim to reduce your food waste by freezing leftovers or repurpose into another meal (leftover roast makes a delicious soup).   

For food that you don’t want to eat, add them to the compost or Bokashi bin to give some goodness back into the soil. 

Check out our range of organic seeds to get a start on your patch.

4. Produce your own compost!

This one has so many advantages: it encourages you to eat more veggies, it’s free and convenient, it enriches your soil, and reduces your use of chemical fertilizers!  It also encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi to product humus, material rich in nutrients for the plants.

Not too sure where to start with composting, check out our Composting for Beginners blog

5. Shop sustainably

In a world beginning to understand the effects of our past, sustainable fashion and shopping is becoming more prevalent. While shopping in a retail environment, keep an eye out for planet conscious products, products made from recyclable materials and products that will last a lifetime.  The fashion industry produces over 100 billion garments per year with nearly 70% of clothing made from crude oil that releases dangerous microfibers when washed and contribute to long-term pollution in landfills. Only 85% of garments end up in ladfills or incinerators, with only 1% being recycled.

Here at Quality Garden Supplies, we source products that have longevity, and are made from ethically sourced materials.  Our Afroblonde hats are made from recycled road truck canvas.  A great example of a company giving waste a new life! Check out our store for some eco-friendly inspiration.

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