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Keeping your garden well-fed and nourished is essential to help you grow healthy and thriving plants. Happy, healthy, well-nourished plants are more resistant to pests, diseases, heat stress and frost. Fertilizing the garden is easy to do, but you need to apply the right fertiliser for your plants at the right time of the year.

What is the best fertiliser to use in Summer?

As the weather heats up, keep an eye out for heat stress in ALL areas of your garden.

Applying products rich in seaweed and organic matter like OCP Eco-Seaweed and OCP Eco-Aminogro, around your plants.  This can help to improve the soil’s water-holding capacity and the plant’s ability to tolerate hot weather.

Vegetables & Herbs:

Pull out any weeds competing for water and give your herbs and veggies a blast with Munash Organics Renew.
Check out our Top 5 Weeding Tips for Your Garden to see how you can get on top of weeds.
Apply Yates Nature’s Way Vegie & Herb Spray to control Aphids, Mites, Thrips, Mealybug and Whitefly

Flowering Plants:

ROSES: Deadhead regularly to encourage new growth and flowers. Apply 100g per plant of Sudden Impact for Roses every 6-8 weeks throughout summer and autumn for a beautiful rose display.

FLOWERING ANNUALS: Summer flowering annuals like petunia, zinnia and marigolds can also do with a feed. If they are in the ground, feed with Sudden Impact for Roses or Strike Back for Orchids if they are in a pot.

ORCHIDS: Once orchids have finished flowering, they can be repotted and divided if needed. Mix Eco-Seaweed through the orchid bark when repotting and dose with an application of Neutrog GOGO Juice to settle the plants in. The repotted orchids can be fed with Strike Back for Orchids pellets or liquid concentrate again in Spring.

ALL OTHERS: Deadhead azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias – lightly prune to shape and then apply Neutrog Kahoona at a rate of 100g per plant. The Burgon & Ball Ergo Deadheader is the perfect tool to keep top of your pruning.

Fruit Trees:

Feed all stonefruit trees with Neutrog Gyganic for Fruit & Citrus to encourage new growth. Apply around the dripline and water in well.
Make sure all fruit trees, including citrus, have a regular supply of water over the summer months – this will reduce the risk of fruit splitting and improve fruit and flavour development.

Apply Yates Nature’s Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray on fruit trees to keep on top of fungal diseases like brown rot or freckle until fruits are almost ripe.

DO NOT spray within two weeks of harvest.


In mid-summer give natives a light trim, to maintain shape and feed with OCP Eco-Seaweed

To encourage lush green growth over summer feed your lawns with nitrogen boosted fertilizer such as Nitrosol

Indoor Plants:

Keep the air around indoor plants humid by regularly misting plants with a water mister.
Wipe leaves occasionally with a damp cloth to keep them clean and give them a spray every two weeks of Munash Indoor Plant Foliage Spray.

If you are going away over the festive season, water all your potted plants thoroughly a day or so before leaving. Move them all to the coolest part of the house, and they will survive quite well for a couple of weeks without further water. Feed fortnightly with ready to use Seasol Pots & Plant Fertiliser – no mixing required.

Lawn Care:

If your lawn is a bit patchy and showing signs of heat stress and overuse we recommend applying OCP Eco-Seaweed – this will give your lawn is a little bit of “TLC” and will help it to recover gently

Mowing – aim to remove the top third of growth every time you mow.  Mow regularly and not let it grow too long.

Watering – Water once or twice a week.  Always water in the morning (wet grass overnight can promote diseases)

Feeding – Feed regularly for thick and healthy growth.  Apply a lawn specific fertiliser at the beginning of spring, summer and autumn.

Pest protection – There are two main pests for a lawn.  Curl grubs attack lawns during spring, army worm are active in late summer and autumn.  Apply OCP Eco-Neem to eradicate the curl grub and army worm.

Weed Control – Weeds such as bindi and thistles can be painful underfoot.  Apply OCP Slasher Organic Weedkiller to remove those prickly weeds.

Pest Control:

Slug and Snails can be active whenever there are young plants around. Check out How to Get Rid of Snails & Slugs to see how you can keep them at bay

There you go, a quick summary of what fertilizer to use based on the types of plants you have in your garden.
We have more about how to choose the best fertiliser for your garden and fertiliser explained in 3 easy steps if you’re looking for more information on fertilisers