'Tis the Season to be Saving

If you're unsure of where to start, our bundles collection is for you.

In this section, we have bundled up tools that work great together based on the type of garden you have.

Our tools carry a ten year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Enjoy 10% off RRP when you purchase our bundles

Sophie conran mothers day bundle consisting of a trowel fork ecateurs blue gloves and harvest basket
burgon ball mid handled bundle mid handled shrub rake, fork, trowel and claw culivator

Burgon & Ball | Mid Handled Garden Bundle

$194 $174.60 (YOU SAVE $19.40)

"Absolutely beautiful garden tools.  Excellent quality and worth paying for."




Window cleaning kit with 4m telescopic pole, cobweb broom, window wiper & squeegee

Wolf-Garten | Window Cleaning Kit

$225.80 $203.24 (YOU SAVE $21.76)

"This is the solution I have dreamed of!  No more climbing ladders to clean upstairs windows!"



National Trust dark timber digging spade and fork

Burgon & Ball | National Trust Digging Spade & Digging Fork Bundle

$218 $196 (YOU SAVE $22)

"A Christmas present for my son he is a trained horticulturalist, loves them"




Grow Your Own

This delightful collection will tempt you to get your hands dirty! We have everything you need to get your plants off to a flying start.

Whether you’re sowing straight into the ground, or planting in the greenhouse, our grow-your-own collection will help you create perfect seed beds for strong seedlings.

From tampers and cell tray tools, to heat mats and mini greenhouses, your plants will thrive with these gardening favourites.

These small-but-useful gardener’s essentials are always welcome as gifts, and make perfect stocking-fillers for green-thumbed friends and family.

Sophie conran mothers day bundle consisting of a trowel fork ecateurs blue gloves and harvest basket
hori hori knife with timber handle and measurments on the blade

Nisaku | Hori Hori Weeding Knife


"Great tool for different jobs throughout the garden"





green seed tin with 3 storage compartments for seeds

Burgon & Ball | Seed Packet Storage Tin


"Great container for lots of seed storage, love the leather handle detail"




haws copper can and mister gift set on gift box

Haws | Classic Watering Set - Copper


"Loved the product and the fabulous service.  Can't wait to see the excitement when it's opened at Christmas"



Lawn Care

I fought the lawn and the lawn won!!  Not with this lawn care collection.  A new rake might not sound all that exciting, when they come with 10 year guarantees and look great hanging in the tool shed - well, it's a different story.

In this section, you’ll find a wide selection of our lawn care tools, including classic garden tool designs from our Burgon & Ball ranges. Made from stainless steel  against manufacturing defects.

You’ll also find our ever functional Wolf-Garten tools, one handle for all those lawn care tool heads that can be easily carried out into the garden.  The bright coloured tools  will never be lost in the garden. 

Wolf-Garten Adjustable Rake raking leaves
Corona Tools grass shears with red handles

Corona| Classic Cut Grass Shears GS6750


"This is the best sod / grass shears ever, simple design raxor sharp, cuts anything in the garden"



Wolf-Garten spring tine rake

Wolf-Garten | Spring Tine Lawn Rake Model UF-M


"Great  quality"






Afroblonde Digger style hat made from recycled truck canvas

Afroblonde| Digger Hat


"This was a gift for my daughter and she loved it."






Patio & Balcony Gardener

Who says you need a big backyard to have a great garden?  Pots are great for balconies, patios and courtyard gardens, and you can still grow just about anything to have your own food forest.

It’s handy to have the right tools to use in them though. You might like to have a look at our selection of watering cans, with their large-capacity for more efficient watering that will save you numerous trips back and forward to the tap.

Another handy tool for patio gardens is the block paving knife from our Burgon & Ball collection. It's really useful for planting or weeding in densely-planted pots, and it comes in a lovely gift box too!

Maybe your gardener plants in raised beds, in which case they might find longer-reach tools handy. Our Burgon & Ball RHS-endorsed mid-handled trowel and fork give that bit of extra reach just when you need it. 

woman watering plants in pots with a Haws Bearwood Brooke green watering can
Green watering can made by Burgon & Ball

Burgon & Ball | Waterfall Watering Can 5L


"One of the best watering cans I have used.  Very nice balance when full and easy to pour from.  Very pleased with my purchase"



Burgon Ball hand paving knife

Burgon & Ball | Block Paving Knife


"So useful to do lots of different jobs in the garden"





Burgon & Ball mid handled garden fork with beech wooden handle and stainless steel tines

Burgon & Ball| Mid Handled Fork


"The longer handle makes this tool easier to dig and weed around established plants.  Excellent quality."



Houseplant Gardener

If you're shopping for some who prefers the great indoors, our Indoor Plants collection is the collection for you.

In this section, we have a great range of pots ranging from tiny hanging pots to stylish indoor plants pots to suit every kind of decor.

You’ll also find a great range of pruning tools that will be gentle on indoor plants as well as Herb Pots to stylishing store herbs bought from the supermaket.

In this section you’ll also find indoor watering cans in a variety of sizes depending on the number of plants you have. 


Burgon & Ball stainless steel plant mister spritzing a plant
burgon ball flora & fauna indoor watering can

Burgon & Ball | "Flora & Fauna" Indoor Watering Can 5L


"Never thought I'd need this but wow, it's so good for those little pot plants.  Best of all it looks so pretty"



Burgon Ball hand paving knife

Garden Trading | Glass Indoor Plant Mister


"This produces a lovely fine mist to keep my Calatheas happy and looks beautiful at the same time"




Burgon & Ball mid handled garden fork with beech wooden handle and stainless steel tines

Burgon & Ball | Herb Pots - Charcoal


"Looks beautiful in my kitchen"






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