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Searching for the best gardening gift for her?  We got you covered so you’ll win this Christmas with these great gardening gift ideas for your mum, sister, girlfriend or wife (or any other special lady in your life)

The Best Gardening Gifts for Her

If the gardener in your life owns a lot of the tools, finding the right gift for them can be tricky. So, what do you get the person who already has everything for their garden?  We’ve put together our favourite picks of Christmas gifts for her that you can find on our Gifts For Her page.

#6 Herb Pots

The Burgon and Ball Herb pots are a fantastic gift idea for an indoor gardener.  Available in two colours; stone or charcoal, these beautiful herb pots will brighten up your kitchen, the way your herbs brighten up all your yummy dishes! Have your favourite herbs close by & ready to go in these charming & customisable tins.

#5 Gloves

The elegant pattern on the Burgon and Ball “Flora and Fauna” gloves features dainty songbirds and delicate foliage. The illustrations include elegant Chinese watercolours and hand coloured engravings dating from 1819-1912. The gloves feature a cushioned palm for comfort and protection, and a gathered wrist prevents debris from falling into the gloves. Practical and gorgeous!

#4 Spade

From Burgon and Ball, the Sophie Conran Digging Spade is very popular with our gardeners. Slightly smaller and lighter than some, this spade is great for digging in tight spaces, or those gardeners who just prefer a more controllable digging tool. The T-shaped handle is useful for using a double-handed grip – handy for extra digging power. In light FSC-certified ash wood and mirror polished stainless steel, this is a perfect combination of form and function.

#3 Basket

The Sophie Conran Harvest Basket is an attractive hand-crafted wire basket is an absolute delight to use. It’s perfect for harvesting tasty treats from the kitchen garden, the larger grey basket has plenty of room to gather enough for everybody, while the smaller buttermilk basket is just the right size for smaller items, like tomatoes or strawberries. It’s also ideal for carrying cut flowers, as the open weave allows any water to simply drain through.

#2 Secateurs

Combining designer flair with practicality, the Sophie Conran Secateur by Burgon and Ball is a delight to use. Smaller and lighter than some hand pruners, it offers excellent control and comfort in use. This garden pruner easily cuts growth up to 2cm in diameter, with a bypass action for making clean, healthy cuts on green growth. A simple brass lock keeps the blades safely closed when not in use.

#1 Best Gardening Gift For Her: A Gorgeous Watering Can

Supplied with a removable brass rose, the Haws “Rowley Ripple” is a versatile indoor can for watering small plants, pots and seedlings. Handcrafted from powder-coated steel in Haws’ 100-year-old traditional shape & delivered in a Haws gift box, this little beauty will hold 1 litre and available in eight different colours

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