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Make your Mum’s day with the best gardening gifts

Mother’s Day falls on 12 May this year – so now is the time to get organised. If you have a green-thumb of a mum to buy for, or if you would like to drop some hints on what you might like, here’s our pick of gardening gifts for Mother’s Day.

The Totally Radishing Garden Tool Shed

Now, if your mum loves to capture the romance of pottering in the garden and have the tools to match, you will be spoilt for choice with our Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball collection and the elegant Burgon & Ball RHS Floral Collection. These collections are not only practical, but simply gorgeous too! From beautifully gift-boxed Sophie Conran hand tools to elegant gardening accessories in an elegant and pretty design of the Floral Collection, in a choice of colours and patterns, there’s something here for everyone who loves a classic look.

The Gardener Down To-ma-toes

If you’re mum enjoys sowing from seed, we’d probably direct you to our Grow Your Own gift collection. This is packed with handy bits and bobs for jobs around the potting shed – sowing, transplanting, potting on. It includes our popular Sophie Conran Galvanised Seed Organiser, along with the Haws Classic Watering Set in Graphite & Nickel will have mum have her own production favourite veggies and flowers in no time.  The detachable brass rose produces a fine watering spray that is gentle for delicate seeds and seedlings without washout and is presented in a handsome gift box.  Our Grow Your Own collection is great for stocking filler ideas too, or for making up a mix’n’match personal potting hamper.

Another option for your mum might be our Kneeler & Knee Pads collection of memory foam kneelers and knee pads. Knees have never known comfort like it! They are available in a wide selection of colours and designs, so there’s bound to be one to bring them joy when they’re on their plot.

The Great Indoors Gardener

If your mum loves her houseplants, we have lots of ideas for the great indoors, too.  One of our favourites, any mum is sure to fall in love with the Haws Fazeley Flow watering can.  This watering can is fundamental for all your houseplant needs, it’s small, practical with eye-catching good looks. It’s elegantly curved, non-drip spout, this little watering can provides pinpoint watering; essential when watering potted plants. There’s no better way to brighten up a windowsill than with a beautifully potted plant, but the last thing you need is a drippy watering can that leaves marks behind from drips and spills. This spout is designed to get right down to soil level and prevent any damage to your beloved furniture whilst still providing a consistent, steady flow.

Now you can’t have plants without an awesome plant pot!  We have a big choice of stylish indoor plant pots designed for the latest trends in interiors. Designs range from tiny hanging pots like the Hanging Pot Baby Bombini Trio for succulents and cacti, and if she is suited to the minimalist look, the dainty Japanese Flower Arranging Bowl that will sit stylishly on the table or desk.  Or you can opt for larger pots like the Takasho Kutta Plant Pots, ideal for larger statement houseplants. Our pots have all been sized to be compatible with the most popular sizes of plants sold in garden centres, so putting a plant-and-pot combo together is super easy!

The Patio Gardener

For mums who like practicality, Burgon & Ball Waterfall Watering Can, is a real beauty! Ideal for reaching the intricate places in pots and the spout is gentle enough for smaller plants, this watering can is perfect for a full-size garden, containers and pots.  It’s really stunning as well!! 

Another handy tool for container gardening is the Sophie Conran Heart Shaped Trowel from our Burgon & Ball Sophie Conran collection. It’s really useful for planting in densely-planted pots and creating perfect seed drills in your garden, and it comes in a lovely gift box too!

Maybe your gardener plants in raised beds, in which case they might find longer-reach tools handy. Our Burgon & Ball Mid Handled Garden Bundle gives that bit of extra reach just when you need it.

So why not make Mum’s day this Mother’s Day, by treating her to some gorgeous gardening goodies?  If you already know what product you are after, explore our Gifts For Her page.