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Growing your own garden is a wonderful way to spend your time! The best thing about it is you don’t have to have a green thumb or a greener wallet to get a beautiful garden. If you’re plotting to save your money as you get started, follow these tips to continue high-quality gardening for dirt cheap!

#10 Invest Time On Research

Gardening doesn’t need to be expensive. If anything, you’d just need healthy soil, water, sunlight, seeds, and an interest in learning. A few basic tools can be a huge help to how you handle your garden. Just remember to work smart, not hard. That’s why it’s vital that you’ve done research on what your plants would need. By choosing plant varieties that are suitable to your climate and soil condition, we increase their chance of survival and resilience. Some gardening tips can also be a huge help when it comes to boosting plant growth.

#9 Test The Waters

You don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars just to get started with a garden. Don’t be afraid to start small and not get everything you want for your garden right away. As you grow your garden bit by bit, you can see what works and what doesn’t work on a smaller scale. This can help you improve the next bit of your garden, which can save both time and money. By doing this, you’ll also be able to identify what supplies or tools you actually need as your garden continues to grow.

#8 Go for Good Compost and Soil

Good plants in bad soil don’t have a chance. If you’re working on a budget, soil improvement should be a top priority. Try looking into bulk orders and do some research beforehand to find suppliers that you can trust.

#7 Grow From Seed

The cheapest way to source plants and grow a thriving garden is to sow seeds. Although it takes more time for your plant to grow, there’s something more satisfying about starting to grow your own plant from the very beginning. Whether you have flower seeds or vegetable seeds, check the seed packet size to make sure you can manage the number of seeds to sow in a year.

To know what seeds to plant where you live, we have created “What to Plant” guides for each month based on the temperate region you live in.

#6 Find A Focus

Gardening on a budget requires a sort of strategy when it comes to building up your garden. A trick we use is choosing a specific area to work on the most. A combination of annuals and perennials can make your garden look fantastic even when it’s not completely finished yet.

#5 Shape The Lawn

You can easily transform your garden by cutting the lawn into a clearly defined shape. This can range from circles to squares, or even ovals. It doesn’t cost anything except a little bit of time and effort on your part! Begin marking the shape out with string then using a spade to cut away the grass and a lawn edger to give the lawn.

#4 Add Depth Through Colour

Something that can add a pop to your garden is a painted fence in the background. The best colour for the job? Black. This is a striking backdrop for plants and flowers, and it makes other pieces in your garden an attractive focal point. If you’re looking for more impact, try to explore colours as well when it comes to painting your pots.

#3 Use Your Leaves

Perhaps one common task in every gardener’s to-do list is raking fallen leaves. Instead of buying compost and fertilisers, make a pile and let these leaves decompose into rich food for your soil! Run a lawnmower to help leaves decompose faster.

2# Think Outside the Pot

A fantastic way to save money while gardening is to upcycle! There are some beautiful garden ideas out there that are done with just a simple polishing of old furniture. Make your garden more cost-effective by getting creative with your own containers and garden art from used items. The sky is the limit!

#1 Use The Right Tools

The best tools you’ll have in the garden aren’t necessarily the ones you have right away. You can discover which tools are the ones you need most because you’ll find yourself reaching for the most of the time! Tools are an important investment when it comes to gardening. Having the right gadgets saves you from blisters, broken tools (meaning more costs), and working twice as hard.  Check out our 7 Essential Tools for Beginners to find out the right tools to buy.

Gardening on a budget can take a lot of hard work, but with the right information, tools, and mindset, you’ll be growing in no time! To get started with a gardening store that you can trust, shop with Quality Garden Supplies today.

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