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If you’ve visited our website recently, you may have noticed a range of garden tools with a name that’s been a little interesting recently: Corona®.

Founded in 1928 in the city of Corona, California, Corona Tools is the US sister company of Burgon & Ball (that’s code for: “really decent gear”).   For decades, Corona has been a by-word for quality in North America.  Professionals and keen gardeners rely on Corona tools for the lawn and garden, irrigation, construction and agriculture. These trusted tools are engineered for lasting performance, combining superb engineering with the highest quality materials and advanced technical design. Corona tools are more than up to the job, however tough it gets.

We have picked a selection of tools from the extensive Corona range, and are thrilled to bring them to Australia.

Who are Corona Tools?

Back in 1928, in California’s expanding citrus industry, the fruit was simply pulled from the tree during harvesting.  The fruit was transported to the east coast by rail, taking 15 days, and it often arrived in poor condition.  

A local school teacher noted that harvesting by cutting would be less damaging to the fruit and designed a hand tool, asking a local blacksmith to forge it.  The result was a small, precise and durable orange shear that proved to be an ideal solution and Corona was born. Changing the harvesting process, the citrus fruit was not damaged during transportation and the blacksmith, became a supplier to the California citrus industry.


corona rolling handle bypass secateurs bp4840 lifestyle

What do you know about the quality of Corona Tools?

The Corona ranges which we’ve specially selected include high quality cutting tools, saws and ergonomic hand held tools. These ranges offer a wide choice of designs, incorporating advanced technical features to create the perfect tool for every task – and for every gardener. Ranges include the MAX Forged range of professional-grade tools built for strength and durability, and the eGrip family of feature-rich tools for the keen domestic gardener.

What is all this MAX Forged and eGrip lingo?

Max Forged – Corona’s Max Forged tools use drop forged steel for the cutting parts of the tool, making the metal extremely durable and able to hold an edge. Drop forging is a traditional manufacturing process in which the steel is heated and hammered into a shaped die. During the shaping process, any voids in the metal are eliminated and also the internal grain structure of the metal is aligned to follow the general shape of the tool. The result is a tool which delivers the ultimate in terms of strength, reliability and in the case of cutting tools, it gives a blade which holds its edge for the longest time.

Classic Cut – Exceptional hand pruners with designs that have stood the test of time. Simplicity of design, proven strength and lasting sharpness are their hallmarks. The ClassicCUT® family is favoured by landscaping professionals and gardeners who are seeking outstanding cutting performance with the longest lasting sharpness.

eGrip – ergo Grip hand held garden tools are a delight in the hand with a handle designed to fit perfectly in the hand with anti-slip thumb rises and finger guards for greater stability and control.

corona egrip hand tools lifestyle on grey garden table

The tools sound great, what are Corona doing about the environment?

For nearly a decade, Corona Tools have been working hard to give back to the communities and caring for the environment.  These initiatives includes:

  • Reduced printed materials like price lists and mini catalogues
  • Planted 25,000 trees through their Arbor Day Foundation partnership 
  • Provide tools to organisations in the US that help grow food and plant urban trees
  • Produce non-powered tools with a low environmental impact
  • Offer MAX tools with replaceable parts that save replacing the whole tool

Through this work, Corona Tools have forged ahead as leaders in helping the environment, continuing environmental education and serving communities.corona sharpening tool sharpening secateurs


Where can I find these Corona tools?

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of Corona tools.  Without a doubt, a Corona tool is the promise of superior quality with lasting performance, season after season.

Where are Corona Tools made?

Over ninety years later, Corona still produces their tools in California – including the infamous Orange Shear where it all began.  The tools are designed to tackle the toughest and most extreme conditions, while achieving the professional results its users demand. A Corona tool is the promise of superior quality with lasting performance, season after season.

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