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If you’ve visited our website recently, you may have noticed a range of Japanese gardening tools: Asano.

Made in Japan in the Niigata Prefecture area (famous for its metalwork), we have a new brand Asano with a great range of Japanese Gardening Tools.  We have put together this guide to tell you a little bit more about their origin and the tools.

Who are Asano Tools?

Founded in 1950 in the Japanese Tsubame-Sanjo area of Niigata Prefecture (famous for its metalwork) by Teisuke Asano, the son of a farmer. Teisuke married Sakae, the daughter of Tokyo manufacturer and Asano Mokkousho was born. Asano’s products are based on Teisuke’s wish to make farmers’ lives easier with his tools, and Sakae’s love of nature and her desire to help others who shared this love.

The first tools Asano made were hooks and gaffs using local metalworking techniques that were used for farming, good distribution and fishing. Asano purchased a motorcycle to deliver these products as quickly as possible. It didn’t take Asano long to be making tools for farmers all over Japan.
We have picked a selection of tools from the Asano range, and are thrilled to bring them to Australia.

Where are Asano Japanese Gardening Tools made?

Asano still produces their tools in the Tsubame-Sanjo region in Japan – including the hooks and gaffs where it all began. The range of products has increased producing everything from hoes and sickles for farmers to domestic gardening tools and outdoor utility knives.

What do you know about the quality of Asano Tools?

The Asano mission is to provide the products that customers want. Their principal product lines are designed for gardening, agriculture, snow removal, and road construction. The Asano gardening tools are crafted with using the special Japanese stainless steel 420J2, allowing for excellent sharpness and rust resistance. The sharpness of the blades allows digging in the ground with minimal effort, allowing for gardening to be completed quickly and easily. The wood handles are specially shaped for increased comfort and slip resistance, and crafted from walnut or ebony.

What are the different Asano tools?

Asano Hand Held Mattock

Mattock – a hand tool used for digging, prying, and chopping. The Hand Fork Mattock is perfect breaking new ground, cultivating garden beds, aerating the soil or digging up roots. Whereas the Hand Pick Mattock has the penetrable tip and more suited to chopping, digging and weeding.

Both tools are designed to reduce the strain on your arms and back when tackling tough jobs in the garden and compact enough to work in tight spaces.

Asano Hand Hoe

Built to last with a head forged from high-grade Japanese steel, ensuring strength, durability and reliability. The hoe will give you great results in cultivating, turning, aerating and breaking up soil.
With a sharp blade, the Asano Hand Hoe is invaluable at tackling hard clay soils and navigating through tough tree roots.

Ninja Claw Cultivator

Ninja by name, ninja by nature! A versatile addition to your garden tool collection, the Ninja Claw Cultivator will aerate your soil, remove weeds and break up harder soil. The 5 sturdy prongs can penetrate the ground with ease, making gardening tasks so much smoother and more efficient.

Where can I find these Asano Japanese Gardening tools?

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of Asano Japanese gardening tools. Without a doubt, these Asano tools are made to the highest quality with lasting performance, season after season.

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