Basil | Sweet Genovese

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Grown Organically.

Due to Quarantine restrictions, unfortunately seeds can’t be sent to Western Australia.

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  • Sweet Basil is a annual bush to 60cm high. Popular for culinary dishes, pasta, pizza, dressings & marinades.
  • Warm sunny position is ideal.
  • Sweet Basil or Common Basil is the most widely used variety as a culinary herb, companion plant for tomatoes and it can also deter nematodes. Leaves are a sweet spicy flavour and have a soft texture. Perfect for use as a garnish, making pesto or adding flavour to dishes.
  • Sow Spring-Summer in good soil.
  • Seed packet contains approximately 200 seeds.
  • Sow seed before date December 2025.

About Greenpatch Seeds

Greenpatch Seeds has a unique approach to growing seeds organically on their farm located near Old Bar on the NSW Mid North Coast. They are dedicated to organic principals in all aspects of their farm and making it as sustainable as possible. They’ve been certified organic since 1993 with Aus-Qual. You can easily look for the Aus-Qual logo and the certification number AQ610175 on all seed packets, standing by organic certification and its reliability that customers can trust.

This aligns strongly in growing crops without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers for the betterment of everyone’s health, the overall impact on the environment and the planet. It can be important for households switching to chemical free gardening and ensuring that their produce has no chemical sprays on it. The majority of varieties grown are Heritage varieties, having been grown and established in Australia for over 50 years. Much care and commitment has been taken with seed production and quality. The farm is used for the preservation of heritage seeds.

Heritage seeds are special and known to be more nutritious, have much better flavour, better pest resistance and produce over a longer period. They have been grown and passed down for generations and only the best fruits are selected for seed collection, with the qualities of vigour and flavour in mind. They help to maintain biodiversity, and of course you can save your own seed for next year’s crop.

All seeds are non-hybrid & non GMO.

Many mainstream seed companies stocked in warehouse style outlets, buy their seeds from overseas and rarely produce varieties so why not question where the seeds you are buying come from… Greenpatch Seeds are proud to support Australian growers and produce the majority of their seed varieties themselves!


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