Burgon & Ball | British Meadow Indoor Watering Can

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Keep houseplants happy and healthy with this beautiful indoor watering can. This indoor watering can is more than stylish enough to leave on show. It’s perfectly balanced and features an elegant slender spout to ensure the water only goes into the plant pot! In strong galvanized steel with a tough powder coating, this handy watering can is just the thing for indoor gardening.

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The elegant new design has been created by Burgon & Ball featuring illustrations dating back to 1815, specially selected from the RHS Lindley Library of historic botanical art. A classic navy blue background lets the jewel colours of the blooms and butterflies shine out, bringing this lovely design to life.

Height (including handle): 21cm

Length (including spout): 37cm

Width: 13 cm

Galvanized steel with powder coating.

1 litre capacity.

1 review for Burgon & Ball | British Meadow Indoor Watering Can

  1. Lynette ROHAN

    A beautiful indoor watering can, it is a gift for my daughter I know she will love it.

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