Burgon & Ball | Indoor Plant Mister – Stainless Steel


The Burgon & Ball Indoor Plant Mister Indoor Plant Mister holds 300ml of water to give houseplants the gentle humidity they crave with this indoor plant mister.

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An essential item of equipment for any houseplant fan, a mister is ideal for caring for tropical houseplants, orchids, terrariums and succulents. It’s the perfect way to give soft hydration to moisture-loving plants without soaking the compost. This indoor plant mister has a super-fine spray – with no irritating drips or splatters! Superior performance is achieved through a robust pump with metal moving parts, giving reassuring reliability and long life. The bottle is stainless steel for rust resistance, and has a capacity of 300ml, so it won’t need constant refills. The sealed-top design means it won’t leak if accidentally dropped or knocked over. Width 8.5cm, Depth 8.5cm, Height 15cm. Capacity 0.3 litres.

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Charcoal, Stone


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