Burgon & Ball | Left Handed Razor Hoe


This invaluable weeding tool has earned something of a cult following – and rightly (or should we say leftly) so!

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Especially designed for left-handed gardeners, the head of this ultra-tough weeder and cultivator is drawn through the soil towards the gardener, effectively cultivating the soil, chopping through and removing all weeds in its path.

Forged from high-carbon, laminated Japanese steel for strength and edge retention, the head has a razor-sharp edge to glide effortlessly through the soil, and a super-strong hardened tip to bite easily into all types of earth – even clay, baked, or stony ground.

The compact head has been designed to move easily between rows of plants, so it’s perfect for use on the allotment or in densely-planted beds and border.

The FSC hardwood handle has a strong leather cord that allows this weeder to be hung up when not in use.


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