Burgon & Ball | Anvil Ratchet Pruner

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The ideal option for users who find standard bypass secateurs too much effort. If you find your hands aren’t as strong as they used to be or suffer from arthritis then this could be what you’ve been looking for. Ingenious mechanism allows pruning of far harder or thicker stems than is possible with regular secateurs or pruning of the same sized stems with significantly less effort.

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  • The ratchet mechanism gives 2.5 times more cutting power than a pair a regular secateurs.
  • Perfect for thicker, harder stems with the combination of the ratchet and anvil action.
  • Each cut is made in three stages/squeezes, as the gear locks up a notch with each squeeze, featuring easy release and a secure blade lock.
  • Blades are precision ground and high carbon to ensure long lasting sharpness, essential for cutting through dead wood.
  • The finger guard reduces skin scratches and the handles are made from robust alloy with a racing green non slip grip.
  • Cuts up to 2cm in diameter and overall length is 20cm.
  • Comes with an outstanding ten year guarantee from Burgon and Ball.


  • Ensure your garden tools are always in top condition and ready to tackle any task with the Burgon & Ball Blade Edge Restorer, the perfect addition to any gardener’s kit for effortless maintenance and maximum longevity.


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