Burgon & Ball | San Francisco Pot


If, like us, you’ve embraced the obsession with indoor plants and have a home full of gorgeous greenery, you’ll need some stylish indoor pots to display your prized plants to their best advantage.

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This San Francisco indoor pot captures perfectly the Boho Eclectic look. Based on the trend for everything vintage, this style evokes the heady days of the Woodstock era. The San Francisco design used raised dots and dashes to lift the pattern from the subtle finely-speckled glaze. The neutral grey shades temper the densely-textured design, so it complements every style of home décor. We think this would look fabulous as home to a spider plant, that icon of 1960’s style – the original retro-plant!

This stoneware indoor pot is waterproof and has foam pads on the base to protect your furniture, making it very easy to live with. Constructed from glazed stoneware Dimensions are 10cm high and 12cm wide.


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