Burgon & Ball | Sophie Conran Lopper


Designed by Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball, her garden lopper is a high performance garden tool, elegantly combining strength with an understated designer style. Ideal for gardeners of smaller stature, the lopper has long handles to give that bit of extra reach, while remaining comfortable to use.

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The bypass action is suitable for making clean, healthy cuts on green growth, easily cutting stems up to 25mm in diameter.

The strong high-carbon steel of the tool head and blade has been drop forged, a manufacturing process which removes any voids and aligns the grain of the metal for a tool of outstanding strength and enduring sharpness.

A shock-absorbing bumper reduces jarring of hands and wrists, even during extended use.

The handles feature subtly shaped grips for comfort and are crafted in FSC®-certified ash, a lightweight and attractive option.

A beautiful brass plaque on one handle shaft carries the Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball maker’s mark for a distinctive touch.

Overall length 70cm.

Width of handles at base 27cm.

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