Burgon & Ball | Stainless Perennial Spade Small


Perfect tool for splitting perennial plants, Burgon & Ball’s Stainless Perennial Spade is a compact, rust-resistant tool for efficient gardening.

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A handy tool for splitting perennial plants the Burgon & Ball Stainless Perennial Spade is a compact yet powerful version of our beloved larger Stainless Perennial Spade. Designed for those who love an intimate gardening experience, its shortened handle grants impeccable control, making your dig sessions both efficient and satisfying.

Ideal for those who favour a hands-on approach, this tool thrives when you’re kneeling by your plants. Whether employing a stab-and-scoop technique or splitting perennial plants, its design ensures quick soil movement and easy root division.

With its pointed tip, effortlessly slice through roots, ensuring minimal disruption to your beloved green wonders. Plus, it’s a gem for raised bed enthusiasts, giving you the right leverage without straining your back.

Crafted with a rust-resistant stainless steel head that glides smoothly through soil, and a double-riveted strapped socket for added resilience, this tool promises longevity. And with the seal of approval from the Royal Horticultural Society – the pinnacle of gardening recognition – rest assured you’re investing in top-notch quality.

  • Overall length: 42cm
  • Width: 13cm
  • Weight: 480g
  • Tool head: stainless steel
  • Handle: FSC® hardwood
Perennial plants:

Often need to be divided every few years to maintain their health and vigor. A perennial spade, with its narrow and sharp blade, is ideal for this task. It allows gardeners to slice through the soil and root systems with precision, making it easier to separate the plants into smaller sections without causing excessive damage.


This spade minimizes harm to the plant roots and ensures a cleaner cut, which is crucial for the health of the divided perennials. It also makes the process more efficient and less labor-intensive compared to using a regular spade.


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