Burgon & Ball | Stainless Steel Rose & Root Fork


This rose & root fork will give many plants, shrubs, and even small trees a helping hand, but roses especially get significant benefit from the aeration treatment!

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  • This fork has been designed to loosen and aerate the soil around plant roots, especially in spring and autumn, to improve drainage, and allow the roots to better absorb nutrients, water and oxygen.
  • Extremely strong, it has been tested to a breaking strain of 90kg.
  • Crafted in FSC certified hardwood, the handle has a comfortable ‘Y’ grip, double riveted at the base for strength.
  • An extra-long, double-riveted strapped socket introduces strength and an element of flex at this key joint.
  • The stainless steel tines are highly resistant to rust, and slide easily through the soil.
  • The twin tines are rolled, for outstanding strength and resistance to bending.
  • Although there are only two tines, the full width of tread is retained, for comfort when digging.
  • Overall length is 98cm, with a head length of 23cm and 14cm wide.


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