Burgon & Ball | Thorn Stripper


Pocket sized must-have thorn stripper for any rose grower – simply pull along the cut stems to strip off thorns and/or leaves. Sharpened inner edge helps remove thorns cleanly and quickly.

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The Burgon & Ball thorn stripper is a garden tool that removes thorns and prickles from plant stems without damaging the shoot or causing harm to you!

This tool features a sharp, V-shaped blade made of high-carbon steel that allows for precise cutting of thorns. Its non-stick finish prevents debris and sap from sticking to the blade, making it easy to maintain and clean.

Gardeners who work with prickly plants such as roses, blackberries, or thorny shrubs will find the thorn striper to be an essential tool.

The handy tool allow you to quickly and easily remove thorns and prickles from stems, making it safer and more pleasant to handle plants while working in the garden.

Overall, the Burgon & Ball thorn striper is a high-quality and well-designed tool that makes gardening tasks more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. It is a must-have for anyone who works with thorny plants and wants to maintain a healthy and attractive garden.


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