Burgon & Ball | 9L Waterfall Watering Can – British Racing Green

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The Waterfall Watering Can by Burgon & Ball in sturdy powder coated galvanized steel is ideal for the serious gardener looking for a long-lasting, high-performance and stylish full-size watering can.

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Holding 9 litres, the Waterfall Watering Can makes watering prized plants a breeze! The oval shape is appealingly slender, helping to give knees a wide berth in use and avoiding painful bumps.

The ergonomic single-handed design eliminates back twisting, and is cleverly weighted to the spout for ‘automatic’ pouring, with a little help from gravity! The emptier the can gets, the further it tips, with the comfortable roll-edged handle sliding gently through the fingers with minimal effort from the gardener. The removable, screw-on rose gives a choice of fine or rapid watering.

The durable galvanized steel of the can has a tough powder coated finish to protect from rust. A metal Burgon & Ball seal on the top of the can adds the finishing touch.

With a five year guarantee against manufacturing defects, this is a heavy duty can which looks beautiful but which won’t let the gardener down, and it’s a real pleasure to use.

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Need something smaller? This watering can is also available in a smaller 5L size:

British Racing Green, Slate, Stone


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