Neutrog | Bush Tucker Native Plant Fertiliser


Bush Tucker is a complete,  organic-based boosted fertiliser, specifically developed to meet the specialised needs of all Australian native plants.


Utilising a unique process, trace elements have been added to lock up phosphorus, making Bush Tucker ideal for even the most phosphorus-sensitive plants such as grevilleas, banksias and proteas.

Bush Tucker not only directly supplies a wide range of essential nutrients, but more importantly provides a catalyst (through the introduction of beneficial bacteria/microbes) for stimulating the natural processes that occur in the soil – unlocking further nutrients and enhancing root growth.

Greater root growth provides a greater soil surface area from which your plants can draw nutrients and moisture.

Developed to meet the needs of all Australian native plants, Bush Tucker was developed by Neutrog in consultation with native plant expert Angus Stewart and soil scientist Simon Leake, and is recommended by the Australian Plants Society of Victoria Inc.