Haws | Classic Watering Set – Copper

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The ultimate in beauty and luxury! This beautifully hand made 1 litre copper indoor watering can with mister is the ideal watering kit for anyone with a love for indoor gardening.


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  • The elegant mister gives you an easy way to provide humidity for delicate buds, flowers and leaves.
  • Its traditional curves and lines link it strongly to its heritage, making it not only a great tool for caring for your cherished plants, but a pleasure to look at and use.
  • It comes beautifully presented in a Haws branded gift box, assuring the recipient of the highest quality present.
  • Watering can is of 1 litre capacity with a pretty little brass rose.
  • The Haws 300mL mister is ideal for your most delicate plants in the home.
  • Made in the UK.

Based on 2 reviews
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  1. Jennifer O’Connell

    Claire was great even though I just turned up sat the door at 4.50 pm Thanks, this is a beautiful product, Jennifer

  2. Sophie C.

    Loved the product and the fabulous service . Can’t wait to see the excitement when it’s opened at Christmas.

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