Corona | Max Leather Holster AC7220

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The high quality Corona Max Leather Holster AC7220 is the ultimate tool companion for keeping your tools close at hand and always ready for action!

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The Corona Max Leather Holster AC7220 is the perfect tool companion for any job!

Designed with a universal fit that accommodates most hand pruners, secateurs and folding saws.

A quality holster constructed from premium top-grain leather that’s stitched and riveted for unbeatable strength and longevity.

Complete with a belt clip and loops for effortless accessibility, this holster ensures that your tools are always right where you need them – giving you the freedom to work smarter, not harder.

Upgrade your work game today and experience the ultimate in tool organization and convenience!

  • Pouch depth 13cm.


About Corona

Discover the superior quality and reliability of Corona gardening and landscape tools. Born in the orange groves of Southern California in the 1920s, Corona revolutionised the citrus industry with a simple yet game-changing tool. Today, after more than 90 years of innovation and design, Corona tools remain a go-to choice for professionals and gardeners alike who demand lasting performance and take pride in a job well done. Season After Season.

Over the years, Corona has continued to innovate and improve their product line to meet the changing needs of gardeners and landscapers. They have introduced new materials, such as high-carbon steel and ergonomic handles, to make their tools more comfortable and effective to use.

Invest in a Corona tool for unmatched reliability and professional results. From hand pruners and loppers to saws, shears and more, Corona tools are designed to meet the needs of professionals and inspire home gardeners for professional results. With a Corona tool in your shed, you can be confident that you have made an investment in years of reliable performance. With a Corona tool in your hand, you have the means to create a truly impressive outdoor space that you can be proud of.

Discover the difference that quality makes.


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