Dramm | 1000 Hole Redhead Water Breaker

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The Redhead water breaker has over 1,000 micro holes that create an ultra-soft flower shower which will not disturb delicate soil or harm tender plants.

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  • The Dramm 1000 Hole Redhead Water Breaker was originally designed for greenhouses and nurseries, this lightweight nozzle has 1000 tiny holes to provide an ultra-soft, full-flow shower for flowers.
  • Simply attached the nozzle to the end of your Dramm water wand.
  • Fast, full flow for quick watering 40L per minute.
  • Gentle shower will not damage or flatten plants perfect for seedlings.
  • Impact resistant plastic and aluminium alloy.
  • Made in the U.S.A with a highly durable plastic and comes with a manufacture’s lifetime guarantee.

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  1. Luke S.

  2. Roger S.

    Good hose watering system and softer water flow.

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