Dramm | One Touch Colour Wand 30″

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Dramm watering wands are made in the USA with professional grade materials and are perfect for home gardeners and commercial growers. One Touch Colour Wand 30″


Allows complete and total water flow control with just one touch of your thumb, have the water blasting or slow it down for delicate pants..

Features a rubber grip for additional protection over the handle giving comfortable control.

Efficiently saves water while watering from one plant to the next so is great for water conservation.

Eliminates the strain from squeezing as with many current watering tools.

Overall length of 76cm and made with aluminium providing a lightweight and durable finish.

Amazing lifetime guarantee from Dramm!



Berry, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Red

2 reviews for Dramm | One Touch Colour Wand 30″

  1. Michael

    The Dramm is wonderful and delivery was quick

  2. Luke S.

    Great product and great service too

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