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Perfect for propagating budding fruit trees, rosebuds or vineyards and air layering your plants, the Due Buoi Grafting Knife is an Italian crafted blade ideal for working with a variety of plants including fruit trees, rosebuds, vineyards, and more

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The Due Buoi Grafting Budding Knife is an Italian crafted blade perfect with the combination of budding and grafting.

It is ideal for working with a variety of plants including fruit trees, rosebuds, vineyards, and more.

Crafted from heat-treated quality cutlery grade stainless steel, the foldable blade features a taper on one face and a polished budding tip on the top corner, making it incredibly versatile and perfect for a wide range of applications.

Whether you’re looking to air layer your plants or create new ones through grafting, the Due Buoi Grafting Budding Knife has you covered.

Dimensions are: Blade length – 5.5cm, Blade width 1.5cm total length 17cm


Grafting is a popular horticultural technique used to propagate plants by joining two different plant parts together to form a new plant.  Here are the steps on how to use a grafting knife:

First, ensure that the knife is clean and sharp. A dull knife can damage the plant tissue and lead to a failed graft.

Choose the scion and rootstock plants that you want to join. The scion is the part of the plant that you want to propagate, while the rootstock provides the root system for the new plant.

Make a slanting cut at a 45-degree angle on both the scion and rootstock using the grafting knife. The cuts should be clean and smooth to ensure a successful graft.

Next, match the cuts of the scion and rootstock together, making sure that the cambium layer (the green layer just under the bark) of both plants aligns perfectly. It is recommended to use a grafting solution such as Ezi Root for improved grafting results.

Hold the plants together and wrap them tightly with a grafting tape or a rubber band to secure them in place. The grafting tape should be tight enough to keep the two plants together but not too tight to prevent the flow of nutrients.

After the grafting is complete, cover the grafting area with wax or grafting seal to prevent moisture loss and infection


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