Ezi-Root Rooting Gel


Ezi-Root is the choice of the professional grower. Unlike other cloning gels, it uses a combination of two auxin hormones housed in a non-alcohol base. The result for your garden? Faster cuttings and more vigorous vegetative growth!

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This unique hormone formulation comes as a ready-to-use gel, and be used directly (without dilution) to improve the vegetative propagation (cuttings) of a range of plant species. In some propagation applications, the use of a premium gel like Ezi-Root can be advantageous, as the active ingredients (IAA, IBA and fungicide) are retained at the base of a cutting for a longer duration, providing improved bioactivity, and ultimately improved results. For maximum performance it contains two hormones, a wetting agent and is scientifically researched and proven.


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