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Discover the greatest in garden design: Garden Design Review is the inaugural edition of an exclusive new compendium of the most outstanding projects and products in garden planning and landscape architecture around the world. A garden not only extends living space outdoors; it also enhances the quality of life. A green enclave is an aesthetically decisive factor in architecture and a neighbourhood environment and, in times of ever-intensifying urbanization, takes on an existential role in both private and public spaces.

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This illustrated garden book presents more than 50 contemporary garden projects from some of the most internationally-renowned landscape architects and garden designers worldwide, ranging from prestigious park designs to small and innovative terraces and urban and rooftop gardens.

Throughout, the book catalogues the leading garden suppliers in the international scene whose products, including garden furniture, help transform a simple plot of land into a carefully curated environment and experience. The featured gardens are profiled with both vibrant photographs and supplementary interviews with featured landscape and garden designers on their individual working process.

Detailed information on each property–including concept, materials, and plant choices, rounds out each entry. Garden Design Review is an indispensable garden book for all professional garden designers and ambitious home gardeners looking for exclusive inspiration.


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