Grand Melbourne Gardens | David Wilkinson


Gardens have always occupied a special place in Melbourne’s communal heart. We are known for our vast, meandering Botanic Gardens and our generous green city spaces. We are also known for our tree-lined streets, which give tantalising glimpses of beautiful houses behind high fences. This book takes us behind these fences and into the very heart of these oh-so-private gardens. Every garden in this book has its own atmosphere and soul, largely reflecting the passions of the person who has created or maintains it.

There are vegetable gardens, clivia walks, ancient English oak trees, rose gardens, rambling exotic courtyards, city rooftop wonderlands and bold stepped garden beds. Many of these gardeners and home owners see themselves merely as the custodians of these treasured spaces, as they generously share their gardening experiences with the reader. This is a celebration of gardens new and old, small-scale and enormous, all grand in their horticultural ambitions and inspiration.

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