Grow Your Own: How To Be An Urban Farmer | Angus Stewart & Simon Leake

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Urban environments require specific techniques to optimise growing conditions for plants. Two leading experts in horticulture and soil science teach the reader how to grow their own food-from the ground up-in this authoritative, accessible, generously photographed guide.

Grow Your Own provides simple step-by-step methods and information enabling the average city dweller to grow food plants at whatever scale their time and resources permit and no matter their location, be it suburban backyard or apartment balcony.

Some of the many topics covered include creating the best environment for growing (influenced by water/temperature/light/air quality), setting up the soil; fertilisers, compost and worm farms; choosing crops (annual/perennial/heirloom/modern); propagation, planting and maintenance; pest and disease management; seed saving; rooftop spaces and vertical gardens; and integrated urban farming including bees and poultry.

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