Haws | The Warley Fall Metal Watering Can 9.0L

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The Haws Warley Fall Original Watering Can has the style, balance and performance that Haws is renowned for.

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The ultimate professional’s choice, this long reach metal watering can is galvanised and powder-coated for protection from corrosion.

The long spout reaches deep into flowerbeds, maximising water pressure to deliver a fine spray.

It comes with a non-drip brass rose and works with multiple interchangeable accessories, making it perfect for watering seeds, garden plants and flowerbeds. Presented in a beautiful box, it makes a fine gift.

The long reach and light weight design is perfect for everyday watering tasks as well as reaching the hard to get to places without undue strain.

Made from high quality pre-galvanised steel, it is sealed, treated and then powder coat painted for maximum corrosion protection.

Presented in a beautiful box, it makes a fine gift.

  • All Haws outdoor metal cans are guaranteed for 10 years against manufacturing defects.
  • Dimensions: 81cm (L) x 21cm (W) x 34cm (D)
  • Weight when full 10kg.

Based on 3 reviews
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  1. Kerry P.

    After being on a backorder list for many months, I had more or less given up on the item, but was so pleasantly surprised to receive a message to advise me that stock had finally arrived. My interaction with Clare both on messenger and by phone was lovely, and she kept me informed of the dispatch details, and my item arrived beautifully packed. Thank you 🙂

  2. Peter Oppenheim

  3. DavidQuinn


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