Manutec | Bloom Booster 500g

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Bloom Booster is a specific fertiliser developed to enhance the number, size and intensity of flowers. 

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  • Bloom Booster contains the major and minor elements and a high level of Potassium which increases the size, colour and number of buds and flowers.
  • It is recommended to use this product before and during the flowering period.

A specific fertiliser for use on indoor and outdoor flowering plants. Contains the major and minor elements to help improve the size and colour of blooms.

DIRECTIONS: Dissolve 5g (1 heaped spoon measure) in 5 litres of water. Apply weekly over foliage and soil surrounding roots.


Nitrogen 12.5%w/w phosphorus 2.0%w/w potasium 28%w/w Nitrogen to Phosphuris (N:P) ratio 6:1 Sulphur 7.0%w/w Magnesium 0.04%w/w Magnanese 0.15%w/w iron 0.08%w/w zinc 0.02%w/w copper 0.02%w/w boron 0.005%w/w molybdenum 0.001%


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