Manutec | Foliage Feeder 500g

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Boost the lush green growth of your plants with Manutec Foliage Feeder, water-soluble fertiliser.

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  • Manutec Foliage Feeder specifically designed for foliage plants, rich in Nitrogen promotes luxurious and healthy green growth.
  • Also suitable for leafy vegetables and herbs
  • NPK ratio of 25:2:12, providing the perfect nutrient balance for your leafy companions
  • Follow the directions on the packet.

Nitrogen 25%w/w Phosphurus 2.0%w/w Potassium 12%w/w Sulphur 1.7%w/w Magnesium 0.15%w/w Manganese 0.20% zinc 0.02%w/w copper 0.025%w/w iron 0.80%w/w Boron 0.0055w/w Molybdenum 0.001%w/w


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