Manutec | Quality Lawn Fertiliser 2.5Kg

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Manutec Lawn fertiliser is a complete balanced formulation that supplies all the essential nutrients and trace elements required for green healthy growth. Get the greenest lawn on the block!


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Manutec Lawn Food is a specific lawn fertiliser with high Nitrogen and supplies all other essential nutrients for healthy lush green growth.


N-P-K 16 – 1 – 5 plus trace elements.

Directions for use:

Manutec Quality Lawn Fertiliser is best applied 2-3 days after mowing the lawn. Avoid application when temperature exceeds 30 degrees. Spread evenly and water in well immediately to avoid burning.

Established Lawns: Apply once in spring (at the beginning of the main growing season) at the rate of 1kg per 40 square meters. Repeat application in Summer and Autumn.

New Lawn: When Lawn is 3-6 months old, apply at the rate of 1kg per 60 square metres.

Lawn Tips:  Use a mulcher mower. Leaving clippings tends to make a lawn more drought tolerant and greener in Winter. It has less moss and more earthworms than when clippings are removed. Maybe even consider doing this every second mow and remember fertilised lawns use less water than unfertilised lawns.


Nitrogen 16.0%w/w Phosphorus 1.0%w/w Potassium 5.0%w/w Calcium 2.4%w/w Sulphur 20.05%w/w Manganese 0.15% Iron 0.14%w/w Copper 0.02%w/w Zinc 0.15% w/w Boron 0.02%w/w Molybdenum 0.00%w/w – heavy metals:  lead 14.5mg, Mercury 0.70mg, Cadmium 6.5mg


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