Manutec | Orchid Bloom Booster 250g


Orchid Bloom Booster is a specific fertiliser developed to enhance the production of Orchid Blooms. 

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  • It contains the major and minor elements and high levels of Potassium which increases the size, colour, and number of spikes and blooms. 
  • It is recommended to use this product when spikes are forming for best results.

Nitrogen 15%w/w Phosphurus 3.0%w/w Potasium 25%w/w Sulphur 2.8%w/w Magnesium 0.06%w/w Iron 0.05%w/w Zinc 0.03%w/w Copper 0.02%w/w Boron 0.02%w/w Molybdnum 0.0014 Nitrogen to Phosphurus (N:P) ratio 5:1


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