Manutec | Peat Moss

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Improve potting mix, condition soil and mulch with Manutec’s Peat Moss, an excellent sphagnum based material.

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Manutec Peat Moss, a sphagnum-based material is incredibly efficient in boasting the ability to retain up to ten times its weight in water.

Ideal for various applications, Peat Moss serves as a superb soil conditioner, transforming both sandy and clay-heavy soils rich in organic matter. It’s an excellent choice for mulching, catering to the needs of potted and outdoor plants like ferns, palms, roses, and more.

Gardeners with a passion for acid-loving plants such as azaleas, camellias, and gardenias will find Peat Moss indispensable. It not only enriches your potting mixes but also enhances their quality, ensuring your plants thrive. Additionally, it’s a fantastic component for creating propagation mediums, making it a must-have for propagating new plants.

To make potting mix for propagating it is recommended to mix 4 parts Peat Moss with 1 part Propagating Sand and keep moist. A complete N.P.K. fertiliser can be added at half the recommended strength to ensure increased vitality.

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