Manutec | Soil pH Test Kit


With this kit, you can rapidly determinate soil pH and take corrective action! It’s simple, accurate and economical!

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  • For healthy growth of plants, it is essential that the pH of your potting mix or soil is suitable for the plants that you want to grow.
  • Instantly test the pH of soils, potting mixes and composts.
  • Optimal pH is prerequisite for effective uptake of nutrients for use by your plants.
  • Highly acidic or alkaline soil conditions lock up nutrients in soils and make them unavailable for plants, which can waste fertilisers applied and not get the best response from your plants.
  • Follow the directions on the package for easy use.
  • Get up to 100 soil tests from this kit.
  • To lower soil pH we recommend using Manutec Sulphur and to increase soil pH we recommend Garden Lime or Dolomite.


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