Manutec | Tomato Food 500g

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Manutec Tomato Food is fast acting water soluble concentrate developed specifically for Tomato plants. It has all essential nutrients, rich in Potassium and chelated micro-nutrients helping to develop bigger, healthier and tastier tomatoes.  Follow directions on the packet and apply accordingly. 

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Manutec tomato food can be applied by drip irrigation or watering can. Full strength applications should be limited until the first has set and the fruit has reached the size of a 20 cent coin.

Dissolve 5 grams to 5l of water. apply feed at every watering throughout the season. thoroughly wet around each plant.

Applications by drip or spray require a half strength solution. dissolve 5 grams in 10L of water. Spraying both sides of the leaves improves fruit set and growth.

Always spray in cool shady conditions, never in direct sunlight.

Analysis: Nitrogen 17%w/w Phosphorus 2.8%w/w Potasium 23%w/w NITROGEN to PHOPHORUS N:P ratio 6:1 Calcium 0.1%w/w Magnesium chelate 0.03%w/w Magnesium Sulphate 0.144%w/w Sulphur 0.186%w/w Iron 0.065%w/w Manganese 0.026%w/w Copper 0.015%w/w Zinc 0.015%w/w Boron 0.011%w/w Molybdenium 0.004%w/w

Maximum Buiret 0.4%w/w


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