Manutec | Trace Elements 500g

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Quickly correct any trace elements deficiency in one application with Manutec Trace Elements, a water-soluble powder that is easy to apply.

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  • Manutec Trace Elements is a balanced blend of all trace elements in soluble form.
  • For correcting trace element deficiency which commonly occurs in sandy soils and where organic fertilisers are used.
  • Although trace elements are required in small amounts, they are a critical and vital part of plant nutrition, promoting strong healthy growth and higher yields.
  • A trace element deficiency can result in restricted growth, deformed fruit and yellow leaves.
  • The trace elements also assist plants in up-taking and utilising the essential nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.


Sulphur 6.29 %w/w Calcium 10.0w/w Magnesium 3.62w/w Magnese 2.88 w/w Iron 2.73w/w Copper 1.25w/w Zinc 1.0w/w Boron 0.09w/w Molbdenum 0.0038w/w


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