Manutec | Zinc & Manganese Citrus and Vine Spray 500g


For maintaining general health, improving fruit yield and quality. Helps correct leaf mottling ‘little leaf’ and the dieback of new shoots.

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  • Zinc and Manganese are the most commonly required trace elements by citrus trees and vines.
  • They are necessary in maintaining the general health of the tree or vine, it’s fruit yield and quality.
  • A deficiency is corrected by spraying foliage in Spring, when the new leaves are more than half the growth.
  • This specially formulated blend of Zinc and Manganese soluble powders together in a balanced form is used to overcome deficiencies common in citrus, vines and other fruit plants and in particular under alkaline conditions.


Zinc 17%w/w Manganese 15%w/w Sulphur 18%w/w


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