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POPUL8 is an Advanced Soil Biological Formula specifically developed and manufactured by Neutrog Australia. A brand new product developed in conjunction with Elders Research and Development department for use in agricultural and domestic systems.

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  • POPUL8 is designed to populate and occupy the biological space in the soil and on plant roots which may otherwise be an available space for plant pathogens to inhabit…hence its name.
  • The high number and wide diversity of microbes in POPUL8 have been chosen to maximise the range of functions POPUL8 can perform, including:
  • Promote Nutrient Cycling from its microbiome of 200+ diverse bacteria and fungi known for their ability to break down organic compounds.
  • Liberate Nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and calcium from the inclusion of specific individual microbe.
  • Fix Nitrogen from the inclusion of specific individual microbes that can fix up to 40kg of nitrogen, per hectare, per year.
  • Produce Plant Growth Hormones such as auxins and gibberellins from the inclusion of specific individual microbesInhibit and Suppress Plant Pathogens such as Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and Phytophthora through the inclusion of specific individual microbes
  • Bio-Stimulation through the inclusion of proteins, vitamins, amino acids, micro-nutrients, cellulose and fulvic and humic acids extracted from kelp, fish and leonardite.

Liquid form uses 40mL per 10L of water to treat up to 8sqm. Use POPUL8 during low UV or prior to a rain event if possible (UV and extreme hot, dry conditions will kill many of the microbes).

Organic basedPOPUL8 is suitable for all plant types, all soil types, and all locations.

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