Nitrosol | Liquid Blood & Bone Concentrate 1L

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Nitrosol Liquid Blood & Bone Concentrate is the ideal fertiliser for all garden and indoor plants.

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Nitrosol has been a favourite of Australian gardeners for over 40 years. Its unique formulation provides the benefits of blood and bone and natural growth stimulants in a easy to use liquid form. Nitrosol provides an effective balance of major and minor nutrients that can be absorbed through both the plants leaves and roots. Nitrosol enhances soil fertility by encouraging beneficial soil microorganisms. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants.

How to use:

Nitrosol is highly concentrated. Add 40 mL to a watering can (9-10 litres of water) and stir well. For best results apply to the foliage as well as the soil. Repeat every two weeks during the growing season.  Apply monthly at half strength during winter months.  See label for details.


Nitrogen12.3%w/w Phosphorus 1.9%w/w Potassium 13.1%w/w Calcium 1.3%w/w Sulphur 7.3%w/w

(N:P:K) 12-2-13

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