Outdoor Complete | Insect Glue Trap – For Pots


No more letting insects ruin your hard work! Safe and easy to use.

The bright yellow colour combines with the special “dry glue” and sends out a colour wavelength that attracts and traps: Flies, Mosquitoes, Fruit Flies (male & female), White Flies, Black Flies, Wasps, Midges, Aphids and many other small flying insect pests.

The Outdoor Complete yellow sticky Insect Glue Traps have no poison, no chemicals, no vapours and no baiting.

To be used inside and outside your home, gardens, court yards, balconies, greenhouses, offices, factories, farms, dog kennels, horse stables, animals and anywhere small flying insect pests may occur.

Comes with 8 sticky traps and 8 wooden sticks to mount the traps on in your pot.

Yellow sticky trap size is 60mm x 80mm.

Outdoor Complete is an Australian, family run business.


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