Permaculture: A Spiritual Approach | Craig Gibsone & Jan Martin Bang

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Featuring permaculture projects from the Findhorn Community and other eco-villages around the world

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Permaculture looks for the patterns embedded in our natural world as inspirations for designing solutions to the many challenges we are presented with today. It is a philosophical, spiritual and practical approach to the use of the land, integrating microclimate, functional plants, animals, soils, water management and human needs into intricately connected, highly productive systems. In essence, permaculture uses observation as basis for creating sustainable and effective human settlements.

The authors discuss the components Earthshare, Fairshare and Peoplecare, with a specific emphasis on the spiritual aspects of the design process. Topics range from soil and plants, energy sources and house design to alternative economics, group process, governance, and spiritual nurturing and enquiry. Examples of existing permaculture structures from around the world, most notably from the Findhorn Community Eco-Village, bring the concepts to life. First-hand accounts of how people got started on their permaculture project lend a personal touch. The first book to look at the spiritual aspects as well as the practical implementation of permaculture design.


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