Quality Products | Scratch Protector Gardening Gloves – Blue


Protect your arms from any harm!


Made from premium soft leather, these long-style scratch protector gloves combine comfort and thorn resistance. Featuring elbow high leather cuffs to protect the forearm, and snug fitting fingers that feel like a dress glove they are perfect for any gardening job. Latex Free.

Size Guide:

  • S: Overall Length 34.5cm, Wrist to middle fingertip 16cm, Palm width 9cm
  • M: Overall Length 36.5cm, Wrist to middle fingertip 16.5cm, Palm width 9.5cm
  • L: Overall Length 38cm, Wrist to middle fingertip 17cm, Palm width 9.5cm
  • XL: Overall Length 39cm, Wrist to middle fingertip 17.5cm, Palm width 10cm

Also available in Green.


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