Ryset | Ashwood Large Bulb Planter

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Easily and efficient plant larger bulbs, seed potatoes, and bedding plants with the Ryset Ashwood Large Bulb Planter.

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This premium stainless steel Ryset Ashwood Large Bulb Planter is a premium tool designed for creating perfect planting holes with ease. A must-have for planting larger bulbs, seed potatoes, and bedding plants.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Head: Crafted from top-grade stainless steel, this bulb planter not only promises durability but also excellent rust resistance, ensuring it remains a staple in your gardening arsenal for years to come.
  • Ergonomic Ash Wood Handle: The handle is made from beautiful ash wood, providing both strength and a comfortable grip. Its ergonomic design reduces fatigue during extended use, making your gardening sessions more enjoyable.
  • Serrated Edge Design: With its serrated edge, the planter effortlessly penetrates the soil, allowing for easy and efficient digging. It’s perfect for removing a 6cm diameter core from the earth, ensuring uniform holes for your plants.


The perfect partner to our Mid Handled Fork and Small Bulb Planter

The stainless Large Bulb Planter is approximately 32cm long x 6cm wide serrated edge and 11cm handle



*Store timber handles out of the weather to prolong the life of the tool


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